Previous Oral Presenters

The ICAUP series of conferences have come to all successful conclusions for six sessions, and many authors made oral presentations at the conference.

The following is the information of some previous oral presenters:

  • Anastasiia Fediunina

    Speech Topic: Development of Settlements Along Chinese-Russian Border (on the Case of Suifenhe-Pogranichny)中俄边境聚落的发展(以绥芬河-波格拉尼奇内为例)

  • Hu Shan

    Speech Topic: The Conservation Values of “Workers’ Residences”

  • Qin Haoran

    Speech Topic: Changes and Status Quo of Industrial Heritage Com- munities from the Perspective of Human Spontaneous Activities

  • Zhang Yu

    Speech Topic: Evaluation and Strategy of Public Space Activation of the Workers' Residence from the Perspective of Community Building

  • Zhang Ziyin

    Speech Topic: Research on the strategy of cultural integration and Promotion in the design of Guilin Historical and Cultural District Signage System 桂林市历史文化街区导视系统设计文化融入提升策略研究

  • Wu Bomeng

    Speech Topic: Spatial-temporal Evolution of Ecosystem Health from the Perspective of Ecological Resilience: A Case Study of Jinwan District, Zhuhai

  • Zhao Ping

    Speech Topic: Research on the Evaluation and Renewal Strategy of Inefficient Land Use in Existing Industrial Parks: A Case Study of the Starting Area of Handan City

  • Wang Ran

    Speech Topic: Reserch on the Integration of Revolutionary Site Protection and Rural Development Under the Background of Rural Revitalization—A Case Study of Pingshan County

  • Yang Hua

    Speech Topic: The Strategy and Exploration of Realizing Zero-Carbon Campus in Colleges and Universities Under the Goals of Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality

  • Tao Danyang

    Speech Topic: Comparative Study on Indoor Wind Environment of University Dormitories Based on PHOENICS/基于PHOENICS的高校宿舍室内风环境对比研究

  • Zhou Yang

    Speech Topic: Research on the Quality Optimization of Pocket Park from the Perspective of Space Justice/空间正义视角下对口袋公园品质优化的探究

  • Wen Shiyu

    Speech Topic: Analysis of the Factors Influencing the Skyscraper Development Boom - An Empirical Analysis Based on 20 Cities

  • Shu Ying

    Speech Topic: Early-Modern City Planning In Xi’an ——A Historical Study on Xijing Construction and Plan (1932-1945)

  • Liu Yating

    Speech Topic: Research on Micro Renewal Strategy of Aged Public Space Under the Background of Healthy City

  • Zhang Ziyu

    Speech Topic: Study on the Spatial Pattern and Influencing Factors of Life Elements in Jiumiao Site of Chang'an City in Han Dynasty Based on POI Data/POI数据下的汉长安城九庙遗址区生活要素空间格局与影响因素研究

  • Chen Mingyu

    Speech Topic: The Application of the New Naturalistic Concept in the Design of Flower Borders

  • Hong Zongyu

    Speech Topic: Research on Green Development Strategy of Urban Park Based on Pedestrian Simulation (基于行人模拟的城市公园绿色发展策略研究)

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